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Interior Home Decorating Ideas

 Looking for some interior home decorating ideas? Doing some redecorating? Or maybe you recently moved and are beginning the decorating process ...

That's great!

I know some of us are really passionate about the  interior design of our homes, while others just dread the thought. If you are in the company of the latter . . . then I'm here to help with some informative and friendly advice about the basics of interior decorating and design tips!

I have worked as a design consultant, and been in furniture sales for much of my career. I've had a lot of opportunity to help others furnish and beautify their homes.

I love what I do and want to share those experiences and offer the sometimes needed second opinion, (not counting neighbors, friends, & mothers-in-law) to give you more confidence and remove any decorating anxiety.

Interior home decorating offers help with decorating and serves as a guide to find answers to those decorating questions you may have so you can become more confident in your own home furnishing choices and with creating a comfortable home.

 A bit of what we will talk about will refresh your understanding of design principles and decorating basics.

All rooms should be for living and following your interests will lead to inviting and comfortable living rooms, and other rooms of the home.

Gain insight to your personal style with different decorating styles including the classic traditional, country style, and modern decorating or capture the charm and versatility of a relaxed yet refined style with French decorating ideas.

Hopefully you’ll find many ideas within these pages including area rug placement, how to decorate with flea market finds, guidelines for hanging pictures, arranging furniture, and the list goes on . . .

But just remember, there are no right or wrong answers, only what is right for you and your family. As long as it is right for you and you are happy with the result then, who cares what anyone else thinks! You want to create a home that expresses you and reflects the way you live . . . comfortably.

The important thing is to take your time and enjoy the process.


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