Area Rug Placement
Brings Visual Interest

The area rug placement in a room can designate a sitting area for conversation or define a dining area.

Rugs can co-ordinate with virtually any room setting, add a warmth to a room with a pop of color and pattern and create visual order, especially in large spaces.

When defining a space the area rug should accommodate at least the front legs of each piece of furniture. A rug used in this fashion will unify the items placed around it.

Using more than one area rug in a room, varied sizes tend to go together most suitably. The same sized rugs tend to divide a room in halves.

Size is another important consideration.

  • Visualize area rugs in the room by using masking tape to map out the area or lay bed sheets to help define the space.
  • For area rugs to fit completely under the bed, measure your bed and add at least 24" to each side. Smaller rugs work well along the side of the bed, or at the foot.
  • Rugs placed under tables should be larger than the table itself, ideally with an equal amount of border showing on all sides.
  • Measure your dining room table and add 54' to the length and to the width, so that chairs can be pulled out without extending beyond the rug.
  • There may be more flexibility with the size of a rug in a family or living room.
  • Placing a rug on an angle opens up a room, especially if the furniture is angled.
  • Leave bare floors exposed on all sides for rugs to cover most of the floor.
  • If you are not able to arrange that, leave the same amount of floor showing on two parallel sides.
  • Leave at least 6" but ideally 24" all the way around the perimeter away from the walls.

Placing area rugs in high traffic areas should be completely covered or completely bare. A rug that is half in the traffic flow and half off can cause tripping on the corners of the rug.

Using a rug pad is highly recommended. It will keep the rug in place, providing a non-slip surface for your floors, absorb and reduce the noise level and since rugs wear from the bottom will extend the life of your rug.

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