Decorate a Living Room
For Entertainment and Joy


Decorate a living room for entertaining with practical comfort and your friends and family will feel relaxed and be able to enjoy themselves.

Creating an easy traffic flow with freedom to move about will enhance entertaining opportunities, and the way the room is arranged will encourage people to mingle and interact. (And not all hang out in the kitchen)

Take a look at your room from all the entrances and determine what the natural traffic flow should be in and out of the room and into the adjoining areas.

Determine what the vantage point in the room from which to focus is. Windows and fireplaces are natural focal points and a starting place to orient your seating arrangements.

When you decorate a living room for entertaining, it is important to be as versatile as possible with the arranging of the furniture for the optimal function.

A room with an open floor plan can use multiple seating arrangements, offering more flexibility. Creating cozy groupings makes entertaining small groups easy and multiple seating arrangements in a larger room help to bring people together, encouraging conversation.

Separating the length of a long room with a settee or small sofa during the everyday use and turned to open up the room when you have large groups.

Decorate a living room with flexible furnishings that can be moved around and out of the way when you entertain so you don't have to commit to just one arrangement. 

Small love seats and settees are pieces that accomplish that as do ottomans and benches, upholstered or wood.

Ottomans are great for extra seating that can be pulled into the party when needed and under a sofa table when not in use, float in front of the fireplace, or as an accent to the side of the main seating day to day.

Smaller flexible seating arrangements would include accent chairs that are light and portable to be picked up and rearranged the night of the event.

The use of decorative accent chairs or smaller occasional chairs can be placed in the room and easily pulled into the space by placing them within the seating areas arrangements.

Decorative chairs add an architectural interest through their shape.

Think of them as sculpture by flanking a pair on either side of a china cabinet, pull one up to a large round table and it becomes a place for reading, by placing one by a console table it doubles as a writing desk, or to fill in an empty corner of the dining room.

Stools or chairs that stack or even floor cushions will work for smaller spaces.

Decorate a living room with plenty of tables to use for setting drinks and appetizer plates down and can be easily moved in or out of the conversation arrangements depending on the function.

These could be some nests of tables that double as an end table during the day and be pulled apart for an extra table or two for entertaining.

A garden seat as an accent for every day can be a table top surface or actually a stool to sit on, in a pinch.

A tea table set in front of a sofa as a coffee table can be set to the side when it is party time which also frees up the traffic and getting in and out of the seating.

The natural tendency is for your guest to want to help in the kitchen but a lot of the time that is where everyone stays put.

Position a table or convert your sofa table /console into a serving piece to double as a beverage station, or invest in a piece that doubles as a bar with doors that close when not in use.

There are beautiful pieces available that look like either a highboy or armoire but are actually bars. This will cut down on the bottle neck in the kitchen area and allow the easy flow for all your guests to mingle.

Furniture like these offer the flexibility needed and can be easily utilized in other areas of the home. 

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