French Decorating Tips
Reflect Gracious Style

Take advantage of what is already in your home and these French decorating tips to create rooms that are inviting.

The pieces used in a French interior are a melting pot of furnishings that seldom match and take themselves too seriously.

Rethink basic floor plans to determine if a space is better suited toward another function. Maybe turn the underused formal living room into a library?

French decorating tips: Begere Chair

Arrange rooms imaginatively. Artfully set furniture on angles and have them floating away from the walls, which will open up the room. Open spaces offer limitless opportunities for entertaining, while small rooms are more intimate.

There is no need for fill every corner in a room. Opt for fewer furnishings with a careful disarray to give a warm and inviting look to your rooms.

Team the unassuming with more grand pieces.

By investing in an antique, or reproduction, an armoire as an example, will add character and heritage to a room. Old furnishings can easily share the space with new.

Give your home history and take advantage of salvage items and treasures that are some reminders of the past. Spruce up an old chest from a flea market find with antique white, gray, green or soft aqua paint.

Furniture is only the start of a well-dressed room.

Liberally scaled accessories play an important role as do trimmings on pillows, sweeping draperies and bullion on the skirt of a sofa.

French decorating tips in a living room

Arrange a mix of similar objects on a commode or console. Use an odd number like three or five in varying heights. Stay with all of the same material like all brass, all silver or crystal for greater impact.

Group picture frames together on display instead of scattering them all over the space. Edit your belongings so you’re not displaying everything you own. Group small paintings with sconces, and mirrors to make a stronger statement.

Following French decorating tips are sure to include plants, a ton of fabric, baskets and greenery.

Luxurious fabrics, like silk and taffeta blend with the time-honored ones of cotton and linen. Use a subtle blend of the expensive with the less costly.

Look at fabrics to blend rather than match exactly. Floral, stripes, and checks work well together when the scale and colors are compatible and balance the other.

Using diffused lighting is key. Layer candles, sconces, and carefully placed reading lamps around the room. Chandeliers with crystals will multiply the light from its prisms.

Hang chandeliers to hang in front of a mirror to cast back images, and whenever possible put them on dimmers.

Other French decorating tips would be to consider a glaze on the walls, imparting a softer and richer surface than just paint alone.

Refinish or stencil old wood floors and cover with ample sized area rugs to make rooms appear larger.

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